In support to tactical, military, and law enforcement operators who put it all on the line.

When the worst happens, 5.11 has your back.
This Blood Type Patch Kit is designed to provide fast and accurate information to EMS and medical services professionals, announcing your blood type and medical allergies clearly and legibly, and ensuring that you receive the attention you need without delay. Supported by a broad range of 5.11 apparel, bags, and accessories, the 5.11 Blood Type ID Kit provides peace of mind in a turbulent world.



  • Provides clear and legible information to EMS personnel
  • Blood type, medical allergy, and logo options
  • Patch personalization options available
  • Secure hook and loop fastener
  • Patches for blood types: A+,A-,B+B-,AB+,AB-,O+,O-
  • Patches to indicate penicillin allergy (NO PCN) or no known drug allergies (NKDA)
  • Supported by a wide range of 5.11 gear

5.11 - Blood Type Patch Kit

  • 10.00€

  • Ex Tax: 8.26€

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