Carry your duty pistol home, using the secure carry of your gun into any gear bag, inside the pants, with easy and safe access.

We deliver the solution for most Belgian duty pistols, in plain black color with a 1 meter paracord.

You can attach the paracord in a loop to your belt or close to your backpack handles, giving you a quick pull-action access to your pistol.


We recommend to carry the pistol unchambered. Allthough chambered is no problem at all, as long as you take into account the ground rules !

•Always use a proper holster for your firearm. Make sure the trigger guard is a perfect fit, so the molded Trigger Guard Holster should be requested for your firearm is your best option.
•Know how your firearm operates.
•Follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety at all times.
•Always keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
•Practice drawing your firearm (unloaded) from your Trigger Guard Holster until you don’t have to look down at all while drawing, and then practice some more.
•When you’re confident, practice drawing and firing at the range, and reholstering. 


Trigger Guard Holster

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