The RRS shield is the lightest 7.62x39mm MSC (AK47) NIJ III+ ballistic shield on the market today !  Only 7 kg.

Our latest shield development utilizes a new material concept which allows us to introduce our higher level shield range now with a much improved performance.
 Weight has been reduced by 30% with wall thickness reduced by 25%. We have also developed this technology with boltless designs meaning there are no weak points on the shield. The quality and ballistic protection remains unchanged.

All of the improvements lead to a much more user friendly product providing unmatched protection and confidence when in the line of fire.
We have developed this technology with our West-Yorks, Kent and RRS shield to date however, the technology is transferable through the entire range and bespoke ops are welcomed. Please contact the sales team for further information.

NOTE: The shields are tested to NIJ Level III+ and were developed primarily to protect against the 7.62x39mm MSC (AK47) round but, other protection standards/levels are available on request.

color: black

size: 550mm x 780mm 

handles: type ERT, 360° capable of carrying in any situation 

RRS Lightweight NIJ III+ Ballistic shield

  • 2,599.00€

  • Ex Tax: 2,147.93€

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