The West Yorks shield is the ideal shield for any scenario, providing unmatched maneuverability and multi threat performance. This allows the user to take the shield wherever they choose, negating the need to leave the equipment behind.

This model includes the latest upgrade panel with fast changeability cover, enabling quick adaption to the environment which the user is entering.

The West Yorks shield provides stand-alone protection against handgun rounds and the upgrade panel provides protection for higher velocity threats including 7.62x51mm Nato Ball FMJ & 7.62x39mm (AK47).

Ballistic Protection:

NIJ III+ (Including 7.62x39mm) 

Key Features:

•Market Leading Technology


•Adjustable arm supports


•Fast transition panels

•Ergonomic design

•Extremely Resilient

Sizes & Weights:

•Dimensions 450mm x 750mm (18” x 30”)

•Shield weight 2.42kg (5.3lbs)

•Panel weight 3.7Kgs (8.1lbs)


•Various signs/labels (Police/Politie/CGSU/DAS/MP), please call us: +32 2 528 05 73

West Yorks Upgrade Shield

  • 1,990.00€

  • Ex Tax: 1,644.63€

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