The Patent Pending Quick Shotgun or Rifle Lock with RFID locking system is the safest way to secure your weapon. It's small size conveniently fits on any wall or even in a patrol car, and lets you quickly access your shotgun or rifle whenever you need to.

There are no numbers to memorize (which are easily forgotten in a panic situation) or buttons to push. You simply wave the included RFID card, key chain, or small round coin-size token across the front of the black box it instantly unlocks!

With the RFID locking system your rifle or shotgun is secure, yet can be accessed in seconds. Perfect for keeping it readily available for home defense or even for police officers in patrol cars mounted in the trunk of the car.

With the included back up battery you will never have to worry about being locked out and can always access the weapon when needed.


Secure your weapon: Prevent unauthorized use of your home self defense shotgun. At home or in a car.
Keyless Entry: Uses RFID lock for fast & easy access.
Convenient: No combinations to remember in a panic situation.
Made in USA: This Patent Pending Quick gun Lock is made from top quality components.
RFID Technology: Using the included 4 RFID keys it is easy and quick to access the hidden compartment. Can support up to 16 RFID keys.
Quick Installation: 5 minute installation, no instructions needed.
Back up battery: Easy way to open the Quick Gun Lock even if the batteries die.
Universal: Fits any pump shotgun, AR-15/M4 type of rifle. The guns can be turned around with barrel down as well. You might need to adapt the plate in case the barrel down setup is your preference.

Requires:  Four AA Batteries (Included)


Quick Gun Lock main unit
Butt Rest - can also become a barrel rest in case you turn over the rifle or shotgun with barrel down
Two RFID Cards, One key chain RFID tag, One round token tag
Back-up Battery Pack
Five Installation Screws, Four Wall or car anchors
Four AA Duracell Batteries
Instruction Manual

QuickShot - Gun Lock RFID

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